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Digital Learning Amid Covid-19

Premier prides in constantly scaling new heights in curriculum delivery. The abrupt closure of schools presented novel challenges, however, we saw this as an opportunity. The current crop of millennial students embraced digital learning and we have managed to rope in parents who have worked collaboratively with our teachers in implementing virtual learning. With the COVID-19 pandemic, our school sessions transitioned seamlessly into the digital platform with lessons delivered to high efficiency. With a dynamic staff who quickly embraced and migrated to remote teaching, we have managed to engaged with our learners delivering nearly 200 lessons in a week. Our teachers redesigned lesson plans and curriculum delivery, integrating emerging pedagogical approaches that not only engages students but also ensure stimulus variation to sustain interest and allay boredom that could come along with screen fatigue.

Premier Academy Digital Learning

Ours is a success story, but in previously uncharted waters. This has meant that the school management, staff and parents have started collaborating more closely. Through the senior leadership team, we have engaged the systems approach which has seen us have frequent consultative and feedback meetings. As an ISO certified school which takes client feedback seriously, student and parent views have been ventilated by the school leadership and best practices passed to our team of qualified and versatile staff who actually have the one-on-one daily transactions with students.

Besides, Premier Academy has been alive to the salient effects of COVID-19. Through Pastoral and Counselling sessions in our time tables, we have managed to have sessions where students vent off pent up emotions and feelings thereby having them psychologically and emotionally prepared for lessons. Our Counselling Department sends regular bulletins to the school community to help parents navigate through these unchartered waters.

To mitigate the strain that come with online academic transactions, we have also managed to have extracurricular activities where students engage in games, cookery, art, online hashtags, drama and Music. As some of these are collaborative ventures, students have tapped into the rich online resources to have drama dramatized poems among others.

With the new normal likely to be with us for some time, Premier Academy is constantly engaging an overdrive to ensure quality and focused curriculum preparation and delivery cognizant of differentiation to ensure that all the cadres of learners are reached at their niche. Additionally, the practical activities help mold all round youngsters irrespective of the prevailing circumstances. This is not only our DNA but is also spelt out in our Vision and Mission Statements.

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Premier staff delivering virtual classes through Google Meet